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-)A(- Teamspeak 3
The map style you like more

Sand, desert
Snow, Ice
Night, Evening
Day light


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Thud in the Sand
New MAPSThud in the Sand

This is the 1st released playable version. The map is situated in small egypt-style town, and ends up in underground axis bunkers.

Primary: Steal the Dynamite and deliver it to the Truck.
Primary: Escort the Truck and Destroy City gate.
Primary: Destroy Tunnels Gate to gain access into underground bunkers.
Primary: Use button in Control Cabin to move rockets out of Safe.
Primary: Steal Captains Key from his table and deliver it to the Safe to open it.
Primary: Steal the Case, Moneypack 1 and Moneypack 2, and deliver them to the green truck in Rich part of City.
Secondary: Destroy Hovel Wall to gain one more acess to Dynamite.

Defend, defend, defend, go on a cig, and defend again.
Also feel free to build Truck barrier.

Download here

Posted by lammert on Wednesday, April 13 @ 19:55:44 CEST (117 reads)
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-)A(- vs ROTW
New Events

-)A(- vs ROTW

We all remember Dark Alchemy as a place full of peace and harmony between Regulars and Members. 

But once a year....this is about to change in a merciless battle between us Members and Regulars (in fact, between the Rest of the World!). 

Therefore i invite you this Saturday, the 26th of March @ 19:30 CET on A2 ( to support your team! 

We will play a Stopwatch match with 9 maps in total. For a little "break" we have included some fun maps 

Who will be strong enough to be the winner of the evening? Let's find out! 

More information here 

I invite you also to join our TeamSpeak channel which is a useful tool to plan your strategies! 
Password: ghost 
Posted by lammert on Wednesday, March 23 @ 20:37:19 CET (63 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
**Map release** Trenches

**Map release** Trenches

Actually an ETnam mod map, but fully usable by normal ww2 scene.
Map by Thunder and Macchute


After breaching China Beach defenses, Allied forces has to get thru the jungle and trenches to find the sewer entrance and blow it.

bot files here

Download here

Source: twt_thunder - Dark Alchemy Forum - The Wolfteam

Posted by lammert on Wednesday, March 02 @ 21:33:20 CET (87 reads)
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= Village Map =

= Village Map =

Congratulations to Kic from The Wolf Team on the release of his first Wolf ET map.

The Allied Squad must attack the village trainstation, over-power the Axis forces on defence and destroy the infamous Axis railgun, known as "Leopold" . The Allies must also detonate dynamite at the train tunnel entrance, in order to prevent any further Axis troop trains from leaving or entering the village station.

=Allied Objectives=
# Capture the forward hut flag
# Build the Allied Command Post
# Destroy the maingate defences
# Destroy railgun Leopold
# Destroy the tunnel entrance near the station

Download Kic's new map HERE

Source - WolffilesSPLASHDAMAGE - Kic

Posted by lammert on Monday, February 22 @ 18:08:29 CET (111 reads)
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Trickjump Event
New Events
Trickjump Event

Hello fellow ET players,

We all know you are good at playing objective, shooting, medic, sniping and what more.
Now it is time to take another challenge:


We invite you to show us your jumping skills on sunday 7th february.
At 19:30 cet our jumping server will be ready.
Location to be: Dark Alchemy #4 -

More information here
Posted by lammert on Wednesday, February 03 @ 16:58:07 CET (117 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
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