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-)A(- Teamspeak 3
What do you think about our website style?

It is nice. Keep it so.
It is too old. But I like it anyway.
I like it but it is old. Needs to be changed
I don't like it, and must be changed.
I am used to it. Change few graphics and it is ok.


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Merry X-Mas
Dark Alchemy Topic

Merry Christmas

The Dark-Alchemy crew wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Be sure to check out our special Christmas server:

Dark-Alchemy A1 -

We will be waiting for you with some 'presents'
Posted by lammert on Saturday, December 20 @ 22:05:34 CET (13 reads)
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Dark Alchemy Player Awards 2014
Dark Alchemy Topic
Dark Alchemy Player Awards 2014

As every year, we are going to give awards to our best players in 2014.

Everyone can vote for those who deserved the award in many categories

Player Of The Year, Mr. Objective Of The Year, Politest Player, Spammer Of The Year,
The King Of Headshots
and a lot more!

Visit our forum to cast your vote here.
Posted by islander on Thursday, December 18 @ 19:19:33 CET (44 reads)
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Omni-Bot 0.84 for Enemy Territory has been released
Technical StuffOmni-Bot 0.84 for Enemy Territory has been released.

We are pleased to announce new version of Omni-Bot for ET. The most important change is that goal_save command does not save all goal properties. The benefit is smaller file size and faster initialization. The drawback is that new goals gm files cannot be opened by previous Omni-Bot versions. If you want to use the latest waypoints, you must update to 0.84. If you use NoQuarter 1.2.7, you should update too, because 0.71 interface is included in Omni-Bot 0.84.
There are also new features in the omnibot mod:
Spectator can edit waypoints and can see all players on the map.
Rendering is more reliable and uses less resources because it does not need the boost interprocess library anymore.
New cvar cg_obituary can disable "killing" messages in the console, so that important messages will not scroll out of the window.
Warm-up time can be set to 1 second. You don't have to wait 10 seconds anymore.

Posted by lammert on Wednesday, December 17 @ 20:02:51 CET (48 reads)
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Adlernest Roof B3

Adlernest Roof beta 3 - Modified by KiSsMySeXyAsS a.k.a. MorpHDoc
- Roof access added from CP spawn and axis spawn after the controls are blown
- Added access to the abyss with rope exit leading to under axis spawn
- Bug jump on the roof removed
- Added rocket launcher (can be used once only), which creates a hole in the roof (near the ammo packs)
- Removed walls next to the ammo packs
Changes by KiSsMySeXyAsS aka MorpHDoc

Posted by lammert on Wednesday, December 17 @ 19:47:37 CET (22 reads)
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Dark Alchemy - Hall of Fame
Dark Alchemy Topic

Dark Alchemy - Hall of Fame

As you might have noticed here the stats have been resetted again.
This means we made an overview of the players who got an award from last 2 months.

Don't feel sad if you haven't won purple heart, Darwin or Don't Hurt Me.
The next two months you have a new chance to win them (or the other ones)

See the winnerstable here
Posted by lammert on Tuesday, November 04 @ 17:05:02 CET (141 reads)
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