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Sand, desert
Snow, Ice
Night, Evening
Day light


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River Port B1 - Released
River Port B1 - Released

A new map by SM-Mapping - Sage and Pegazus! 

After over a year of testing and balancing the map it is time to release this exciting map! 
The map download includes advanced omnibot waypoints. 
This map is released as first beta to hear wider feedback, but it feels like final. Enjoy! 

Download from Enemy-Territory-Stuff 

Download from Upload.ee 

Source: Dark Alchemy - Sage
Posted by Lammert on Friday, November 25 @ 23:04:14 CET (31 reads)
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= Thud in the Sand - Beta 2 =
= Thud in the Sand - Beta 2 =

This WuTangH's latest release of his Wolf ET map, "Thud in the Sand".

Download the new map version HERE

Source - Wolffiles SPLASHDAMAGE - WuTangH

Posted by Lammert on Monday, November 21 @ 22:47:18 CET (32 reads)
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= Mountain Pass - Beta 3 =
New MAPS= Mountain Pass - Beta 3 =

This is the latest release of "Mountain Pass", created by Devils Right Hand.

= Storyline

The Axis forces have hidden an enormous stash of gold and priceless artwork in old, abandoned mines, somewhere in the mountains. The Allies have been unable to locate this stash, however, Allied HQ received intel that secret documents, pertaining to the whereabouts of this stash, are located in a nearby mountain village.

The Allied squad must locate and infiltrate this village, steal the top secret documents, steal a truck and make their escape back to Allied HQ.

Download the new version HERE

Source - Wolffiles SPLASHDAMAGE - Devils Right Hand

Posted by Lammert on Wednesday, November 09 @ 18:25:53 CET (41 reads)
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Xmas - Pack - 2016 - all in One
ModsXmas - Pack - 2016 - all in One

DSK_Baldi made a collection of different packs and files from various mappers and modders.

Package was testet in Noquarter 1.2.9 b6 but maybe it works in other mods as well

Content : Xmas truck + Coca Cola sound, xmas dynamite, xmas mines,
xmas knifes, xmas mortar, xmas pf, xmas sarchel, xmas smoke, Command Post Xmas and some other nice looking mods

Extra content : Screenshots, Extra Sounds As well as a selection of great Xmas maps

Have fun!!!

Download HERE

Source : WolffilesDSK-CLAN

Posted by Lammert on Sunday, October 23 @ 10:57:34 CEST (55 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
Syphonfilter Beta 2
New MAPSSyphonfilter Beta 2

= Storyline

It's the year 1999 and international terrorist Erich Rhoemer is running his drug cartel in Costa Rica, which he uses to finance his notorious terrorist activity. Deep in his private compound he has created his own bioweapons laboratory, where his team of evil scientists have produced a virus called "syphonfilter".

This is a genetic-specific bioweapon which has the ability to target and destroy individual Races. Rhoemer has sent a ransom demand of 100 million dollars to the American Whitehouse, warning them that if his demands are not met he will fire his first missile at the city, which will cause an estimated 100.000 deaths.

However, Rhoemer's missile is not located in Costa Rica, where the virus was developed. Satellite surveillance has revealed that he has constructed the missile in a old Soviet base in Rozovka in Kazahkhstan. Your mission is to infiltrate the base, destroy the missile, all computer equipment and escape with the "syphonfilter" documents.

Download the new map HERE

Source - WolffilesSPLASHDAMAGE - Devils Right Hand

Posted by Lammert on Thursday, October 13 @ 22:18:06 CEST (74 reads)
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