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-)A(- Teamspeak 3
The map style you like more

Sand, desert
Snow, Ice
Night, Evening
Day light


Votes: 100
Comments: 0
Trickjump Event
New Events
Trickjump Event

Hello fellow ET players,

We all know you are good at playing objective, shooting, medic, sniping and what more.
Now it is time to take another challenge:


We invite you to show us your jumping skills on sunday 7th february.
At 19:30 cet our jumping server will be ready.
Location to be: Dark Alchemy #4 -

More information here
Posted by lammert on Wednesday, February 03 @ 17:58:07 CET (23 reads)
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***MAP RELEASE**** Teutoburg_Forest

***MAP RELEASE**** Teutoburg_Forest

Here is a new map from Teuthis It’s an Axis attack map. The map is winter style but if People are interested I will make a summer Version too.


The Allies have surrounded the famous Teutoburg forest, an impervious forest in northwest Germany.
The Axis are hiding a substantial amount of gold in the forest.
The Axis are trying to escape from the forest with the gold.
The Allies are trying to prevent this for all costs.

Download here

Source: Thunder | Dark Alchemy Forum

Posted by lammert on Sunday, January 31 @ 14:16:56 CET (34 reads)
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WolfAdmin 1.0.0 Released!
Technical StuffWolfAdmin 1.0.0 Released!

Finally, after a long time of waiting, the first fully stable version of WolfAdmin is available for download!

WolfAdmin is a Lua module for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers. It is an enhancement of the existing game, mod and shrubbot functionalities, providing you with extra tools to administrate your server. The module is created for server owners; players do not have to download it. Currently the module only supports NoQuarter, though plans are to support ETLegacy, silEnT mod, N!tmod and other mods as well.

Among the features are advanced logging of player data, such as aliases, warn and level history, and a new set of commands your administrators may use. Another thing which WolfAdmin provides is a new set of custom voting options, currently supporting several new votes for bots control. To call such votes, there is also a new WolfAdmin vote menu which servers may use. Finally the module also provides some features which were originally implemented by popular mods such as NoQuarter, ETPub and ETPro. These features include player greetings, warn history and spree records.

If you have any suggestions for new features, or in case you have encountered a bug, please file a report in the bug tracker.

Posted by lammert on Tuesday, January 26 @ 19:33:57 CET (58 reads)
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--->Dark Alchemy Player Awards 2015<---
Dark Alchemy Topic

 --->Dark Alchemy Player Awards 2015<---

After a lot of counting, drinking beer, re-counting and drinking some more beer, we finally managed to get the results of the Dark Alchemy Player Awards 2015.
We would like to thank everyone for voting and also for participating as candidate (although some of you didn't know).

Special thanks for -)A(-StinkyBeaver for creating some beautifull awards.

Put your sunglasses on and check if you won an award here
Posted by lammert on Monday, January 18 @ 20:03:39 CET (45 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
Dark Alchemy - Hall of Fame
Dark Alchemy Topic

Dark Alchemy - Hall of Fame

Hello everyone,

Here are the first medals of this year for the winners.
The stats has been reviewed and we came up with a nice table.

Stats are reset again and we hope you all have a fun time this period.
Congratulations to the winners!

And if you haven't won anything (or the wrong medal):
Better luck next time!

Results are shown here
Posted by lammert on Wednesday, January 06 @ 18:50:04 CET (58 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
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