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-)A(- Teamspeak 3
New Map release: Teuthonia by Teuthis

 New Map release: Teuthonia by Teuthis
 I am mapping for ET because I enjoy mapping, irrespective of whether the map is finally released or not. 
 Reason I released this one and not others is because I believe that people will specifically like this one. 
 If you are familiar with ET you will recognize some similarities to goldrush. 
 This is on purpose because I personally think goldrush is by far the best custom map and I wanted to create something that has kinda similar gameplay and texturing so that people  who like goldrush will likely also enjoy playing this one. 
 Also the goldrush.map file is open source and its legal to use brush and script work from this map (what a great coincidence YEAH!).


 Download map here (Download source: Wolfteam)

Source: Splashdamage forum

Posted by Lammert on Monday, August 04 @ 20:24:21 CEST (85 reads)
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Dark Alchemy 9 years
Dark Alchemy Topic
Dark Alchemy 9 years

After 9 years the heart of Dark Alchemy is still beating.
Old-Owl managed to do a great job.
We want to thank him and all others who helped (and is helping) to make Dark Alchemy a succes.

We are sure Old-Owl will continue doing the job as great as he always did.

Thank you for everything

We will celebrate our 9 years on 3rd of august.
The place to be for a suprise: Dark Alchemy A1 -
Posted by Lammert on Thursday, July 31 @ 20:00:00 CEST (138 reads)
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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Mod ET Headquarters 0.9.127 released

ET Headquarters adds a flexible character customization system to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. 
It also adds gameplay changes and rebalances class mechanics. 
Its core gameplay remains close to vanilla ET. 

- Omnibot Support - ETpro Mapscripting Support - Lua 5.1 Support - Sqlite3 Database Backend - Xpsave and Moditemsave Support - Game Coins - Character Customization - Flexible Character Customization Backend - Barracks Menu to Visually Unlock Character Items - New Command Post Gameplay - Blue Adrenaline - Covert Ops Weapon Specialist

Source: Wolfenstein4Ever

Posted by Lammert on Thursday, July 31 @ 14:19:30 CEST (97 reads)
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Dark Alchemy's Hall of Fame
Dark Alchemy Topic

Dark Alchemy's Hall of Fame

Again we counted the score from last 2 months and we melted the medals.
Check here if you won a cool shiny thing.

If not, don't worry. We resetted the stats.
Have more luck next 2 months.
Posted by Lammert on Wednesday, July 02 @ 20:04:04 CEST (127 reads)
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Dark Alchemy goes chaotic
New Events 

 Dark Alchemy goes chaotic

 Panzers, riflenades, shotguns and headshots.
 Just some ingredients for a nice map-cocktail.

 We promise you a "blast" of an evening. And you also need to keep your "head" clear.

 Come and show us your skills with all weapons available.

 See you the 29th of june at the server to be: Dark Alchemy #2

 More info here
Posted by Lammert on Tuesday, June 24 @ 20:47:56 CEST (109 reads)
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