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What is the best ET Community?

Dark Alchemy
Dark Alchemy


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= Dingenskirchen Beta 2 =

Dingenskirchen Beta 2

This map is a collaboration between Phisherman and me and the result of, in total, more than 4 years of more or less continuous development. It was created as a tribute to the good old times of RtCW. We hope it will bring back some memories to the old-schoolers amongst you.
Since this is the second public release, any feedback, (ranging from bad texture-alignment to glitches), is welcome.


December 1944: The noose tightens around the Reich's neck as Allied forces threaten to cross the Siegfried Line and advance into Germany. In a strategy meeting in an Eifel castle, German High Command has worked out plans on how to repel the invaders. Allied intelligence wants these plans destroyed before they can be distributed to the front line.

This map has three main objectives instead of one, two of which must be completed by the Allies in order to win the match. This was done in an attempt to prevent the massive objective camping by the defending team on some maps.

Download the new version HERE

Source - Wolffiles - KeMoN | Dark Alchemy Forum

Posted by Lammert on Monday, February 06 @ 10:17:01 CET (20 reads)
(Read More... | 3716 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)
WolfAdmin 1.1.0
Technical StuffWolfAdmin 1.1.0

After almost a year since the first public release I am pleased to announce the first major update to WolfAdmin, which is now available for download

This release contains an improved balancer, which may now filter for dead players, the last player that joined a team or objective carriers. Besides that, the command system has been reworked so it is even easier to add your own commands! And last but not least, WolfAdmin now supports SQLite in addition to MySQL; this makes it even easier for server owners to start a server with WolfAdmin! 

In addition to this brand new release, the website has been updated to accommodate all the new functionality. This makes it easier for me to maintain the documentation, which will expand a lot in the upcoming months, since another update is on its way! WolfAdmin 1.1.0 is only the start of a new series of updates coming out, since the next version will support ET: Legacy and brings a lot of new functionality, so stay tuned! 

In case you encounter a bug or want to share anything else that might be interesting, please use the official bug tracker. Besides that you can also monitor the continuous development in the GitHub repository.

Source: Timothy - Dark Alchemy Forums
Posted by Lammert on Monday, January 30 @ 22:41:42 CET (43 reads)
(comments? | Score: 4)
Happy New Year
Dark Alchemy Topic

Happy New Year

The Dark Alchemy crew wishes you a happy New Year.
May there be many good fights on the server and peace in the real world.

Thanks to all the players, regulars, members, ex-member, admins and founder for being here.

A happy and healthy 2017
Posted by Lammert on Sunday, January 01 @ 10:38:12 CET (51 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
Point Christmas
Point Christmas

This is a new Christmas-themed map created by SSF Sage.

It comes packed with 3 in-game versions; Regular, a totally new wave based "Team Deathmatch" objective mode and Last Man Standing.

Download the new map HERE (botfiles are included)


Posted by Lammert on Wednesday, December 14 @ 20:05:23 CET (83 reads)
(Read More... | 1712 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)
River Port B1 - Released
River Port B1 - Released

A new map by SM-Mapping - Sage and Pegazus! 

After over a year of testing and balancing the map it is time to release this exciting map! 
The map download includes advanced omnibot waypoints. 
This map is released as first beta to hear wider feedback, but it feels like final. Enjoy! 

Download from Enemy-Territory-Stuff 

Download from Upload.ee 

Source: Dark Alchemy - Sage
Posted by Lammert on Friday, November 25 @ 23:04:14 CET (106 reads)
(Read More... | 2755 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)
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