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Dark Alchemy - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Community: New MAPS

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[UJE]Parking B3

 [UJE]Parking B3

 [UJE]Parking b3 made by [UJE]Niek

 Axis are trying to get to the top of the Parking garage building. 

 It's a 4 floor building so it won't be easy. Allies have to prevent this.

 Download or test the map here

Source: Wolfenstein4Ever

Posted by lammert on Sunday, October 05 @ 19:30:21 CEST (45 reads)
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Pilsner - the refreshing map
New MAPSpilsner
Pilsner - the refreshing map

Do you like fragging? Enjoy hiding behind the walls and trees?
Looking for a good spot on a tower? You will find all of
these things on the Pilsner map.

Pilsner is a simple and small deathmatch map without any
objectives created by -)A(-WuTang** and -)A(-isl|an|der

And now... take a beer and play!

You can download the map from the Dark-Alchemy repository.

Soon we plan an event on our server. Pilsner will be put into the
rotation for sure, so... stay alarmed! :)
Posted by islander on Wednesday, October 01 @ 23:21:33 CEST (71 reads)
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Adlernest Roof B1
 Adlernest Roof B1 - Modified with DerSaidin's permission.

 - Roof access added from CP spawn and axis spawn after the controls are blown
 - Added access to the abyss with rope exit leading to under axis spawn
 - Bug jump on the roof removed
 - Added rocket launcher (can be used once only), which creates a hole in the roof (near the ammo packs)
 - Removed walls next to the ammo packs

It does not change the game play, it just adds some extra fun!

Download and Pics on Wolfenstein4ever.de

Source: etpro.de | splatterladder

Posted by Lammert on Thursday, September 11 @ 09:36:44 CEST (95 reads)
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Teuthonia Final
 The final version of Teuthonia has now been released by Teuthis.

 === New Map Features ===

 -  A second bank entrance has now been created
 - There are more obstacles to provide cover at both axis spawns
 - There's a new tunnel system
 - A new balcony near axis the spawn to allow sniping (but just a bit)
 - Texture and script errors have been fixed
 - Lots of new models added too

"I do not plan to come up with another version as I wanna close this chapter in order to move on with some new map projects. Nevertheless, I appreciate feedback, either positive or negative, it doesn't matter." - Teuthis

=== Special thanks ===

- Thunder (TWT) for the great models
- Mateos (TWT) and TomTom for help with script problems
- Micha (TWT) for the waypoints
- the Clans of Dark Alchemy and WF-Gaming for testing the Beta version.

Download Teuthonia Final HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Teuthis - Wolffiles

Posted by Lammert on Wednesday, September 03 @ 17:30:55 CEST (119 reads)
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New Map release: Teuthonia by Teuthis

 New Map release: Teuthonia by Teuthis
 I am mapping for ET because I enjoy mapping, irrespective of whether the map is finally released or not. 
 Reason I released this one and not others is because I believe that people will specifically like this one. 
 If you are familiar with ET you will recognize some similarities to goldrush. 
 This is on purpose because I personally think goldrush is by far the best custom map and I wanted to create something that has kinda similar gameplay and texturing so that people  who like goldrush will likely also enjoy playing this one. 
 Also the goldrush.map file is open source and its legal to use brush and script work from this map (what a great coincidence YEAH!).


 Download map here (Download source: Wolfteam)

Source: Splashdamage forum

Posted by Lammert on Monday, August 04 @ 20:24:21 CEST (154 reads)
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