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Bulldog.jpg Bulldog 160.jpg Map regular.png
British Bulldog map

Name: British Bulldog (1.5.0/1.6.0)

Bsp name: bulldog.bsp

Author: 2Bit

Released: September 2005 (1.5.0); December 2007 (1.6.0)

Pk3 size: 3,3 MB or 3,32 MB

Map size: Small (~5x5)

COM Hunkmegs required: 56 (default)

Attacking: Allies.png Axis.png

Possible trickjumps: None

We tested it with: NoQuarter 1.2.3; NoQuarter 1.2.9

Splatterladder Rating: 49%

Reviewers Rating (1 - 5): 2

Additional information:

  • It is a mirror map.
  • Star power-ups keep falling from the sky, take as much as you can and it will give your team many different bonus.
  • A snowman at the center which gets mad and starts shooting rockets.
  • 4 flag poles. Capturing them will not give the team any spawn point but will increase charge speed.
  • Christmas themed map.

Allies / Axis objectives:

  • Primary: Steal the gold crates and take them to the opposite places.

| North <> South | West <> East |

Download British Bulldog (1.5.0)

Download British Bulldog (1.6.0)

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Tags: CTF tag.png Snow tag.png Day tag.png Stealth tag.png

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