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Where are colours used

In Enemy Territory you can use colours in two specific cases :

  • In your nickname
  • In everything related with chat messages

How do colours system works

To specify a colour, you have to write in the text a particular "key", that will make the game wait for the colour code. This key is :


The letter or number or symbol that follow this key, is considered by the game engine as the key of the color you want to use in your messages.

Colours reference table

Updated version of the first color table. More readable and easier on the eyes. Contains all PunkBuster save variations with color values straight from the game.



If you write:


the text next of it will be drawn in red colour. This is the same if you write, like shown in the table:




Another exemple is:

^4 or ^T or ^t

all this 3 codes will select the blue color for the text wrote after it.

Enable colors view in NoQuarter

If you want to see the colours of your teammates when you point to them, set this variable in this way: cg_drawcrosshairnames 2

In NQ 1.1.0 this is set "0" as default, so the names are shown in White.

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