Fueldump Revenge

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Fueldump revenge.jpg Map regular.png
Fueldump Revenge map

Name: Fueldump Revenge

Bsp name: fueldump_revenge.bsp

Pk3 size: 23,9 MB

Map size: Big

COM Hunkmegs required: 56 (default)

Attacking: Axis.png

Possible trickjumps: It is strongly advised to disable double jump.

We tested it with: NoQuarter 1.2.9

Splatterladder Rating: 87%

Reviewers Rating (1 - 5): 4

Additional information:

  • Fueldump Revenge release is a clone standard map Fueldump, but swapped attackers and defenders.

Fueldump EU guide

Download Fueldump Revenge

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Tags: Obj tag.png Grass tag.png Day tag.png Base tag.png Vehicle tag.png Dynamite tag.png

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