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Northpole.jpg Map regular.png
Northpole map

Name: North Pole (Final)

Bsp name: northpole.bsp

Author: Drakir & Loffy

Released: December 2003

Pk3 size: 6,96 MB

Map size: Medium/Big (~6x5)

COM Hunkmegs required: 128

Attacking: Axis.png

Possible trickjumps: None

We tested it with: NoQuarter 1.2.3; NoQuarter 1.2.9

Splatterladder Rating: 65%

Reviewers Rating (1 - 5): 3

Additional information:

  • A Capturable Spawn.
  • Axis can use the Tunnel to try to sneak into the Allies base without them noticing. For that Axis will have to destroy the Tunnel Entrance First.
  • A Cannonball to shoot people to the other side of the river.
  • A tram system to try to get into Allies base.
  • A nice Christmas map with music and lots of Christmas spirit.

Axis objectives:

  • Primary: Destroy the entrance to the cave.
  • Primary: Capture the Candy Cane Flag.
  • Primary: Destroy the Wooden Door to the city.
  • Primary: Get the Star. Bring it to the Sleigh just around the corner.

Allies objectives:

  • Primary: Construct the Wooden Door.
    • Secondary: Construct the MG42-tower.
    • Secondary: Construct the MG42 infront of the ropeway.

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Tags: Obj tag.png Snow tag.png Water tag.png Day tag.png Town tag.png Stealth tag.png

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