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Storehouse.jpg Map regular.png
Storehouse map

Name: Operation: Storehouse (final ver 1.0)

Bsp name: storehouse.bsp

Pk3 size: 15,2 MB

Map size: Big (~10x10)

COM Hunkmegs required: 128

Attacking: Allies.png

Possible trickjumps: None

We tested it with: NoQuarter 1.2.3; NoQuarter 1.2.9

Splatterladder Rating: 81%

Reviewers Rating (1 - 5): 4

Additional information:

  • A lot of buttons which: Open windows, call elevator or open door.
  • Map may be hard at some parts.

Allies objectives:

  • Primary: Escort the Tank.
  • Primary: Destroy Bunker Entrance & capture Forward Flag.
  • Primary: Destroy Tank Barrier.
  • Primary: Build a Command Post.
  • Primary: Build Transmitter.
  • Primary: Steal Objective and deliver it to the Transmitter.
    • Secondary: Build Road MG.
    • Secondary: Construct Generator at Forward Flag Spawn. It allows you to call elevator, close door or windows in Bunker.
    • Secondary: Destroy Side Entrance.

Axis objectives:

  • Primary: Prevent Allies in the implementation of the above.
  • Primary: Build Tank Barrier.
    • Secondary: Build Command Post.

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